Career Coaching For Athletes | Usable career advice for a new year
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Usable career advice for a new year

30 Dec Usable career advice for a new year

16313534 - metal push button where itNobody has ever said that finding a good career is easy. There is no magic word to say or single silver bullet to fire that can make all your professional dreams come true. And that’s’ fine. Professional dreams come true when effort, opportunity and execution come together.

Just like in sports, finding your life’s professional path is all about the effort you put toward your preparation. You prepare by training and learning the tools of the trade to best of your ability so that you’re ready to execute when the right opportunity arises.

The thing to remember is that you learn those tools of the trade from coaches and other players who’ve been there before.

One “player” that’s definitely been there before is InStyle magazine’s Executive Creative Director Rina Stone.

In a recent interview with her alma mater Boston University, Stone discussed her path to career success – the mistakes along with the victories – as well as what kind of qualities she and other hirers are looking for in their applicants and employees.

When asked if there were any “deal-breakers” during the hiring and interview process, she said: “I hate if someone has attitude or isn’t a can-do person, if they are name droppy when they interview. Sometimes you are barely through describing the job and they ask about the hours. I look for someone who has passion.”

Stone also details some key questions she asks during interviews, gives employees some advice for the first day of work and loads more.

Her sage advice will come in handy to anybody taking their job and career search seriously. Click here to read the full article.

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