Career Coaching For Athletes | Job searching during the holiday season
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Job searching during the holiday season

29 Nov Job searching during the holiday season

50159355_SMost everyone is probably familiar with what people call the “holiday blues.” It is a very real and prevalent issue, especially in America.

There are a plethora of stress-inducing aspects associated with this time of year: financial pressures, social obligations and work demands. The holiday season can be very emotionally demanding (if you’re currently working on pulling yourself out of these holiday doldrums, click here for some helpful tips). Now, think about experiencing this holiday stress COUPLED with the stress of looking for a job and not being able to fine one. This combination can make for a nerve-wracking holiday season.


But here’s the thing, job seekers, the holidays are actually a great time to look for and a job!

In fact, this time of year, companies and employers are hiring more than usual, there is technically less competition for available jobs, you are more likely to be able to negotiate your starting package and maybe even have more power over when you actually start working.

It may sound a little counter-intuitive, but all these things are true. For an in-depth explanation into why these things are true as well as many more reasons why you should ramp up your job search during the holidays, click here.

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