Career Coaching For Athletes | It’s a good time of year for job seekers
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It’s a good time of year for job seekers

25 Jul It’s a good time of year for job seekers

23334015 - two business people having job interview with young manSo you’re a former athlete on the prowl for a job and you’re not sure where to start, huh? Don’t worry, pretty much every single productive member of society has been exactly where you are right now. And the good news is that most people go through this and make it out on the other end just fine, so there’s no reason to panic. Even better news: this is the absolute perfect time of year to start sending out your resume.

After a lull in the summer, many businesses and corporations go on a hiring spree in September and October. According to Scott Testa, a Chief Operating Officer of a software company based in Pennsylvania, “job seekers who make contact right at the start of these cycles have the best chance of being hired.”

This means you need to get all your ducks in a row starting now through August in order to get ready for the application process and, hopefully, job interviews in the fast-approaching fall.

One of the most important factors you should be focusing on right now is your resume. Resume quality can’t be stressed enough when looking for a job. If you think perfecting your resume isn’t worth your time, think again. For every corporate job opening, there are about 250 resumes submitted. In order to give your resume a shot at standing out against 249 other resumes, you MUST make certain it’s formatted properly and well written. With a little effort, though, this is very doable. Click here for some great resume writing tips.

Because the transition from competing in sports to a post-sport career can be challenging, former athletes might need a little personalized coaching throughout the process of finding and succeeding in a job. This is where Career Coaching for Athletes can make a big impact. Find out how to optimize your career and take it to the next level by clicking here.

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