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How to land that job interview

22 Sep How to land that job interview

42307624 - businessman interviewing male job applicant in officeLook up “job hunting” online and you’ll find plenty of articles by job “experts” chock-full of great ideas about how to “ace” that interview once you get it … but, what about actually landing that interview.

We know that job hunting in this day and age is tough. With so many people  going after the same jobs, the search can seem daunting at times. So how can you make sure your resume is on point and, more importantly, that you’re actually chosen to come in for an interview?

Here are two of the most important things to remember when it comes to landing a job interview:

  1. Construct A Powerful Resume: “Developing a professional and impressive resume can make the difference between getting an interview and receiving a dreadful email stating that you do not meet the expected qualifications … you want to be sure to point out specific strengths and skills that you believe would benefit you in their type of work environment … and format your resume in a way that is professional and appealing.”
  2. Make Sure To Follow-Up After The Application Process: “Be persistent and do your best to follow-up after you’ve submitted your application … By doing this you come across as very serious about the position and very professional … Be sure to give them some time to respond after each follow up.”

For more details about these two directives as well as other advice on how to help make sure sending out your resume results in an interview, click here.

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