Career Coaching For Athletes | Five paths to becoming a better listener
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Five paths to becoming a better listener

21 Mar Five paths to becoming a better listener

43279008 - ear listening secret isolatedAre you a good listener? Polishing your listening skills is critical to effective communication. Here are five ways to get started:

  1. Actively listen. There’s listening and then there’s active listening. Show the other person you are talking to that you are focused intently on what they are saying. Be it a coworker, a prospect or someone you are meeting for the very first time, avoid carrying on a conversation that places the focus on yourself.
  2. Share information about you. An elevator speech isn’t just for meet-ups in elevators. Ensure you’re conveying an accurate representation of what you’re all about when meeting other people for the first time.
  3. Make a good first impression. When you meet a new person, that initial impression is crucial to growing the relationship. Being late is a terrible way to start a new relationship. So is being ill-prepared.
  4. Prove your intentions. It takes time to forge a new professional relationship.
  5. Stay in touch. Reach out periodically to those you know in the way they prefer. Make time when people reach out to you. You will soon be on your way to building a network of people you can count on.
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