Career Coaching For Athletes | DYK your athletic skills can lead to career success?
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DYK your athletic skills can lead to career success?

07 Feb DYK your athletic skills can lead to career success?

51914528_SYou learned a lot of wonderful lessons and skills while you were competing as an athlete. You spent hour upon hour practicing and studying in order to become the very best you could be at particular sport. The mental and physical sacrifices you’ve made are unique to athletes like you … and you’re better for every single one of those sacrifices.

How nice would it be if your hard-earned athletic skillset continued to be an asset? What if the most important qualities you cultivated, harnessed and utilized while competing still had an impact on your post-sport success?

The good news is, according to one of the foremost career coaches on the planet, that skillset and those qualities CAN and DO have an enormous impact when it comes to your career.

In an exciting and insightful article recently published in The Washington Post, world-renowned educator, career consultant and psychologist Joyce E.A. Russell explains how and why former athletes actually make the best employees.

In the article, Dr. Russell explains that possessing a strong work ethic means that you’re better able to train until you master a master a specific task, being goal-driven means you’ll set a realistic plan of action and follow through until the task is completed and having scrappiness or hustle means you’ll always want to prove your worth and are willing to outwork anybody to do so.

These are just three of the 13 different “key attributes” that former athletes can use to excel in their post-sport career. To read a complete and detailed breakdown, click here.

It’s a quick read and it will undoubtedly be worthwhile.

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