Career Coaching For Athletes | Are you a ‘go-to’ team member?
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Are you a ‘go-to’ team member?

21 Feb Are you a ‘go-to’ team member?

37544219_SThe go-to guys or gals: You’ve undoubtedly seen these people in action. They’re the ones you tap when you have a business idea, a vexing problem to solve in the office, or a desire to mine the expertise of a savvy business person.

Being the go-to person in your office can be a powerful tool for helping you develop your brand. What qualities define the go-to guy/gal? Here are four key attributes:

They expect adversity. Savvy individuals cultivate the habit of visualizing all the possible outcomes of a particular scenario. They may be tempted with discouragement, but they are not afraid to dive into new areas where they will be tested. The battle only strengthens their resolve and helps them parse out what is important and what can be set aside.

They embrace responsibility. Savvy business leaders run toward challenging problems, embracing the task with gusto and an intense drive to overcome the challenges. Those who take full responsibility for resolving business problems quickly become known as the “go-to” team member.

They extend the helping hand. The business world tests the mettle of every entrepreneur, because conducting business is not a charity, a past-time, or a wish for a better future. It’s hard. There will be times when you want to quit, but you don’t. You know others are depending upon you to pull the company through those inevitable entrepreneurial challenges.

They exert a winning attitude. Every athlete, entrepreneur and visionary will experience failure. When it happens, employees, stakeholders and customers will take notice when a business leader summons his or her personal willpower. Fortitude is contagious, as is discouragement. Choose to be the go-to person who sees a challenge as an opportunity to learn, adapt and succeed.


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