Career Coaching For Athletes | An introvert’s guide to a job interview
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An introvert’s guide to a job interview

28 Feb An introvert’s guide to a job interview

31063386_SBeing an introvert in an increasingly public world is hard. As the internet of things gets more pervasive, your every move seems to be trackable and viewable by a third party … which can be unsettling for anyone let alone a shy person.

Now, introverts do have a lot working for them as they tend to be extremely observant and mindful, are deep and introspective listeners, have better decision-making ability, are great judges of character and many other wonderful things. Generally speaking, however, as an introvert, the thought of talking to someone you don’t know, making small talk or being in large crowds is unsettling … But if there is one thing that an introvert dislikes more than anything else, it’s the ever-dreaded job interview.

A somewhat stressful situation for anybody seeking a job, interviews can be a minefield for shyer types. One-on-one discussions. All the focus directed at you. Difficult, impromptu questions. Being forced to describe your “good qualities” to a complete stranger! These are uncomfortable situations for introverts to say the least. The good news is that by taking a few, easy steps to help you focus and reduce stress, you can overcome the jitters.

Click here to see an easy-to-follow infographic that explains (in great detail) how to get your shyness in check and nail your next interview.

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