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Ability to deal with difficult people key to success

21 Apr Ability to deal with difficult people key to success

32568605 - mad boss shouting at employee on megaphoneLanding a good job often involves many steps. From finding openings to securing interviews to having interviews and everything in between, the farthest thing from a new employee’s mind is what you’re going to do after you actually get hired. That is, until that first day on the job.

Once you enter those doors, it doesn’t take long to realize that you’ll be working (perhaps closely) with people who you might not find particularly pleasant or are downright rude. Regardless of where you’re working, you’ll inevitably need to learn how to successfully navigate and manage the relationships with these people.

Remember: one of the most important factors in having a successful career is how you manage the relationships with your various coworkers and colleagues … especially the difficult ones.

Sure, your skills, determination, and hard work are important as well, but excelling in a career requires a good deal of relationship building.

Well known author and emotional intelligence expert Travis Bradberry has some incredibly helpful ideas about how to intelligently, thoughtfully, and successfully deal with the difficult people you might find in work settings.

Two of the most helpful ideas Bradberry puts forth have to do with 1) the ability to always be aware of your emotions and 2) the ability to focus on solutions instead of problems.

Bradberry beautifully and accurately explains these ideas this way:

“Maintaining an emotional distance requires awareness. You can’t stop someone from pushing your buttons if you don’t recognize when it’s happening. Sometimes you’ll find yourself in situations where you’ll need to regroup and choose the best way forward. This is fine and you shouldn’t be afraid to buy yourself some time to do so … Where you focus your attention determines your emotional state. When you fixate on the problems you’re facing, you create and prolong negative emotions and stress. When you focus on actions to better yourself and your circumstances, you create a sense of personal efficacy that produces positive emotions and reduces stress.”

These are words you should remember. Being able control your emotions in any circumstance and focus on positive solutions takes practice and you won’t be proficient at it right away. But simply attempting to do this goes a long way and it’ll eventually become old hat when dealing with problematic coworkers.

Bradberry has a lot more wisdom to share on the subject of dealing with difficult people. Click here to read his advice in its entirety.

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